Art and Custom Framing Memphis

Fedex recently used our Memphis-based art gallery for a commercial.  Enjoy the tour and the special guest at the end of the video.  To meet our team, our bios are listed below the video.

Our Art and Custom Framing Gallery

Come visit the south’s premier art glass gallery. In total, our art gallery represents more than 60 contemporary artists – art glass, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, jewelry and Judaic art work. Whether you are looking for your home, the office or gifts to dazzle, you will find our selection of original art work unique, distinguished and colorful.

In addition, we practice the art of custom framing. We offer the largest selection of mouldings in Memphis. If distinctive custom framing or a custom mirror is of interest to you, please come visit.

Argus  Argus, the Art Gallery's Pet Dog

Argus takes great pride in his role as greeter and model. As a St. Bernard, he is a gentle giant with a great personality. Now ten years old and 160 pounds of love, he is sure everyone who comes to the gallery is there to visit with him. He may slobber on your hand and lead you around the gallery or bring out one of his favorite toys for you to enjoy. His favorite part of the day is when our great FedEx and UPS delivery guys arrive – they bring him treats. He knows their trucks.

Tom, Art Gallery OwnerTom

Tom wears multiple hats – owner, artist, design consultant and expert custom framer. As a mezzo fresco artist, he focuses on strong use of color, fusing the colors with a plaster base that he has sculpted. His process is based on the mezzo fresco techniques made popular by 17th century artists. Tom, who is a self-taught artist, has been a part of the Memphis art community for more than 30 years.  He has been nationally recognized by Veranda magazine for his custom and conservation framing talents and by HGTV for his commission artwork.  Read about the galley’s first 30 years of business in this Daily News Article!


When not promoting Broad Avenue, Pat is busy promoting the gallery, curating our artists, overseeing the business side of the gallery and painting. “Memphis Magazine” named her to their “Who’s Who in Memphis” list in 2011 for her efforts on Broad Avenue. She feels very fortunate that organizations such as Livable Memphis and Community LIFT believe in the redevelopment of the Broad Avenue Corridor.


In addition to being a phenomenal jewelry artist, Dorothy helps out in all aspects of the gallery – customer service, framing, petting Argus, and more.


Elona is our spirit. We cherish the years she worked with us, and she will forever be a part of Broad Avenue and our gallery.