Art Glass, Ceramics & Sculpture

Our Memphis gallery is the south’s premier art glass gallery featuring contemporary and studio glass artists from North America.  On exhibit are both functional and sculptural works of various glass techniques – blown, fused and cast.  In addition, we feature functional and decorative ceramics (great for unique gifts) and figurative sculpture.

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Fay Miller
Blown Glass
  • Moon Shine ~ 14" x 9" x 6" ~ $975
  • Close view of Moon Shine
  • In Balance ~ 11" x 8" x 6" ~ $785
  • In Balance (different view)
  • Flor D'Luz ~ 8" x 14" x 5" ~ $685
  • Flor D'Luz detail
  • Color Circle Menorah ~ 7" x 12" x 3" ~ $450
  • Spring Lights Menorah ~ 10" x 8" x 3" ~ $685
  • Moonlight Menorah ~ 15" x 14" x 4" ~$840
  • Kiddush Cup
  • Ram's Horn ~ 25" x 11"
    Fay Miller Glass Artist (California) Artist Fay Miller’s desire to create beautiful things with her own two hands motivated her to leave a graphic arts career to work with glass. Intrigued by the reflective sheen of glass, Miller’s work tends to be surface oriented, decorative and undisciplined. She delights in the random beauty of the glass shards and the joy and ritual they represent. Her exhibits include Art of the Spirit, Craft Alliance Menorah Show, Boulder Arts and Craft Cooperative Judaica Show, Art of Our Time, Festival of Jewish Artisans, Orange County Museum of Art Craft Show, Awakenings VIII, Kremen Gallery Celebration and various other shows. The work is shown at galleries across the United States, England and Canada. Miller has designed awards for Amnesty International, LA Weekly, The Lee Strasberg Institute, The City of West Hollywood, ACLU, The American Jewish Committee, The Shofar, The Klein Chaplaincy, United Jewish Fund, The Jewish Federation and other charitable and corporate organizations. Special commissions include dining tables, side tables, a glass wall for Temple Ner Tamid in Palos Verdes, CA and an eternal light for Temple Sinai in Rancho Mirage, CA. She attended Moore College of Art, Queen’s College and Westchester School of Fine Arts. Fay Miller  glass artist works are on display at the gallery.
    Bob & Laurie Kliss
    Blown Glass
    • BOBtanical Lima in hyacinth with olive ~ appx. 11" x 7" ~ $430
    • BOBtanicals ~ Tall (ruby with iris gold) appx. 15" x 7" and Urchin (aqua with tangerine) appx. 8" x 7" ~ $430 each
    • BOBtanicals Tall and Urchin style ~ Tall (sea green with red amethyst - SOLD) appx 15" x 7" and Urchin (Bristol green with tangerine) 8" x 7" ~ $430
    • Close-up of BOBtanical ruby with iris gold
    • Sprouts ~ olive with steel, aqua with olive, and fuchsia with amethyst ~ appx 7" tall ~ $190

      Whimsical Fine Art Glass

      Welcome to the whimsical fine art glass world of Kliss Glass. This is where color and texture combine to enhance your surroundings. For over fifteen years, Bob and Laurie Kliss have produced a line of glass art that strives to enrich the lives of art lovers everywhere.  The artists take pleasure in each handmade item they produce and wish continued enjoyment to those who have welcomed their BOBtanicals into their art filled world.

      To begin each piece, the artists assemble the colors and shapes for the base, and fuse the base with secondary color elements. Next, they blow the vessel, continually heating and re-heating the piece up to temperatures of 1000 degrees. They melt and fuse the glass, working with it until it reaches its final desired shape. Then, they apply the brightly colored lip wrap to the vessel’s rim, which completes the piece. After cooling, each piece is signed and dated.

      Established in 1993, the Kliss’s hot glass studio, Kliszewski Glass, is located in sunny Central California. Both Bob and Laurie studied at Pilchuck Glass School. They have taught and demonstrated their craft at a variety of schools and museums, and have exhibited their work widely throughout the USA.

      Brian Russell (sabbatical)
      Cast Crystal (Lost Wax)
      • Satellite #2 Sculpture ~ appx 6.5' tall ~ great for garden or home ~ $5400
      • Satellite #2 Sculpture ~ appx 6.5' tall ~ great for garden or home ~ $5400
      • Satellite #3 Sculpture ~ appx 6' tall ~ great for garden or home ~ $5400
      • Satellite #2 and #3 Sculpture (interior images)
      • Satellite #2 and #3 Sculpture (interior images)
      • Stamina 4 ~ 50" x 14" x 11" ~ $4200
      • Wanganui Hapu ~ 12" ~ $1200 (available in orange/red and blue)
      • Small Craft Warning ~ 26" x 19" x 10" ~ SOLD
      • Elliptical Aqua ~ 24" x 8" x 6" ~SOLD
      • Stamina 1 ~ 90" x 12" x 12" ~ SOLD
      • Stego Vessel ~ 18" x 15" x 7.5" ~ SOLD

        Cast Crystal Sculpture (Memphis, artist on sabbatical)

        Please note, Cast Crystal Sculpture artist Brian and his wife are enjoying a two – five year sabbatical.  Our current inventory of works is all that is available in this market.

        Brian Russellʼs artistic endeavors began in the late seventies when he started exploring black and white photography, until his introduction to sculpture in 1981. Under Lawrence Anthonyʼs instruction at Rhodes College, Russell began to be fascinated with what his hands could create. Beginning with wood and stone carving, he soon progressed to fabricating large freestanding sculptures from scrap steel and industrial debris.

        In 1985, he opened a studio on Broad Avenue. It was here Russell became aware of the creative possibilities of working with hot-forged metals. Using the tools and techniques of traditional blacksmiths allowed the shaping of metal into forms matching his creative vision. Driven to incorporate color into his work, Russell began experimenting with fused glass and pate-de-Verre.

        In 1994, he moved his studio to 15 acres in the countryside northeast of Memphis. On a visit to New Zealand in 1999, Russell was exposed to a lost wax glass casting technique that produced exciting results. Two more years of hard work and research resulted in the current state of Russellʼs art: a fusion of forged metals and cast glass unique to his sculpture. Confidence in technique and agility with materials now allows him to fully exploit his creative talents. The transparency and optical nature of the colored cast glass have an inherent emotional effect that enables the artist to speak quietly, yet powerfully about his ideas on the nature of reality and purity of form.

        Russell’s work is found in collections worldwide.

        Scott Hartley
        Blown Glass
        • Tango with a Twist ~ 28" tall by 15" wide ~ $2100
        • Embrace ~ height of tallest pieces 13" ~ five piece collection $2400
        • Details of Embrace
        • Embrace in shades of blue ~ 9" - 12" tall ~ 3 pieces ~ $1500
        • Arrowhead in red ~ Appx 10" tall ~ $465
        • Tetra ~ appx. 10" tall ~ $385
        • Lattice Twilight ~ sold
        • close-up of Lattice
        • Painter's Reeds ~ height of reeds ranges from 28" - 32" ~ SOLD
        • Love ~ 9" ~ commissions available

          Scott Hartley Blown Glass (Benton, Kansas)

          Scott works from his studio, Infinity Art Glass, making ornate and dynamic glass sculptures. His first love was biology, but after teaching for several years, he switched to creating glass art full time when the “spark of art” was passed down from his father to him. Scott constantly makes all of his own glass within his studio by mixing sand and soda ash.

          Scott Hartley blown glass sculptures feature Scott’s special techniques. Since he mixes all of his own glass, Scott has a connection between his style and sculptures that are entirely unique and separate himself from other artists. His children and family are his main source of energy, while the glass fuels his inspiration.
          Want to know more? Check out WKNO’s interview with Scott. Located on our blog page.

          James Hayes
          Blown Glass
          • Standing Chandy
          • Chandelier ~ 44" (diameter) ~ $3600
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $150
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $150
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $150
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $200
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $125
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $150
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $125
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $125
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $95
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $75
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $85
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $85
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $95
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $135
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $125
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $125
          • Footed Wavy Bowl ~ $95
          • Footed Wavy Bowl ~ $95
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $85
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $95
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $125
          • Wavy Bowl ~ $95
          • Footed Wavy Bowl ~ $95
          • Birds ~ 3" x 3" appx ~ $36 each
          • Blown Glass Orb (with ashes) ~ commission available (Cremation memories for loved ones including pets)

            Pine Bluff, Arkansas

            After receiving an art degree from Hendrix College in 1988, James discovered glassblowing.  To further develop his artistry and skill, he studied glassblowing with the world-renowned artists in Murano, Italy and at Dale Chihuly’s Pilchuck Glass School near Seattle Washington.  He returns to Pilchuck on a yearly basis to further hone his artistry with glass.

            James has had numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States.  Some of his honors include designing a Christmas tree ornament for the White House and a significant installation in Hong Kong.  He has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and “At Home In Arkansas.”

            “I use nature and everyday observations, experiences and emotions as my inspiration for my art glass,” offers James. His studio and hot shop are located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

            Glenda Kronke
            Kiln Fired Glass
            • Choral Vase Large
            • Details of Coral Vase
            • Coral Vase in Orange and Green
            • Coral Vase in seafoam and hyacinth
            • Coral Vase in Orange and Yellow
            • Chaos Series
            • Chaos Series
            • Chaos Series
            • Chaos Series
            • Dragon Sculpture
            • Wavy Wall Pieces ~ comes in various sizes ~ $575 - $1225

              Austin, Texas

              Glenda Kronke is a native Texan, born and raised on the Gulf Coast. Her love of glass began in 1983, and she spent the next 25 years working for glass artists around the country. Based on the knowledge and experience she gained, she opened her own studio in Austin, Texas.

              Her work is a reflection of the awe and wonder she feels at nature’s ability to create the rare and exotic. Glenda strives to create textures that compel touch, colors that provoke memory, and shapes that expand reality. She states, “Life and art ever evolve, seeking a vessel, a shape, a texture, a color – a path to expression. And once created, each possesses an essence of life, a statement of being.”

              Ed Branson (Retired)
              Blown Glass
              • Tropical Bowl in apricot with lime ~ appx 25" wide ~ $2100
              • Tropical Pitcher Plant Vases ~ 10" appx tall ~
              • Tree Stump ~ 26" x 9" (diameter) ~ $900
              • Tree Stump ~ Detailed View
              • Fossil Leaf ~ 25" ~ $950
              • Fossil Leaf ~ Detailed View

                Sandwich, Massachusetts

                Since 1982, glass has had a constant presence in Ed’s life.  “Our relationship has been enhanced and explored with some of the world’s glass masters, but predominantly my knowledge of this magic material is built on day-to-day experience and practice in my studio.  This path has led me to a fairly simple artistic approach; trust the glass, have fun, accept mistakes, study nature and search for beautiful forms and colors inherent in glass’ personality.” – Ed Branson

                Ed’s studio is a converted 80+ year old apple barn.  His work is found in the private collections, including: Ms. Anwar Sadat, Holyrood Palace, Scotland, Snoop Dogg, and Jordanian Airlines Corporate Headquarters.

                Rick Earles
                Fused Glass and Metal
                • Eye Sea ~26"t x 20"w x 8"d ~ $2850
                • Detail of Eye Sea
                  Randy O’Brien
                  • Envelope Vase offers a dramatic option for home or office
                  • Patagonia Envelope Vase ~ Turquoise Green with Peacock Blue ~ 9”h x 14”w x 4”d ~ $575
                  • Sahara Envelope Vase ~ Red with Orange ~ 10”h x 17”w x 4”d ~ $775
                  • Tanami featuring Turquoise Blue and Sapphire Blue ~ 22"w x 10"t X 5"d ~ $975
                  • detail of Tanami
                  • Urchin Vases (Multiple Colors) ~ 6" x 6" ~ $125

                    Tucson, Arizona

                    As a full-time potter for almost 20 years, Randy O’Brien began working with clay while he was a student at the University of California at Berkeley. He moved to Santa Cruz, California in 1984 to study with ceramic artist and educator Al Johnsen. Randy’s love for the wilderness and adventure led him to move to Alaska in the late 1980s. He established a pottery studio in Homer creating and selling functional, stoneware pottery with glazes inspired by the glacial fields and mountains of Kachemak bay. Always an experimenter, he returned to art school in the mid-’90s and then going on to earn a BFA at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. While a student at Alfred, he focused on the development of special effect, low fire glazes. He began developing his current body of work in the year 2000. Inspired by the mineral formations, mudflats, and lichens of southern Arizona he developed a three-dimensional glaze surface that mimics the aesthetic of a naturally occurring material. His glaze surface is composed mostly of volcanic ash and metallic oxides.

                    All of his pieces are created with a passion and love of clay: “I find a lot of pleasure exploring the infinite possibilities in ceramics. My glazes are a three-dimensional surface. They add as much form to a piece as does the clay. I take my inspiration from the natural world. Lichens, mosses and mineral formations influence my decisions.”

                    Kitras Glass Studio
                    Blown Art Glass
                    • Enjoy the colors of Kitras glass orbs ~ both 10" and 6" orbs available in a range of colors
                    • "Tree of Adventure" ~ 10" diameter ~$145 | Stand by Lynda Metcalfe $68
                    • Close-up of Tree of Adventure
                    • Colors of Tree of Re-Birth. Many color options available. Call or email for more info.
                    • Bee Balls ~ great for the garden to help bees safely find water ~ 5.5" diameter ~ $48 each

                      Blown Art Glass (Ontario, Canada)

                      The story of Kitras Blown Art Glass started in 1988 when husband and wife duo, Stephen and Elke Kitras moved to small town Fergus, Ontario. Stephen had just graduated from Sheridan College. He set up a small studio and produced every piece himself, shipping it from their dining room table.

                      Beginning in 1994, Kitras started exporting into the United States. This move initiated a major growing phase for the company and by 2001 we had expanded to over 40 employees. A new facility was built to accommodate the increased production demands.

                      These years were exciting but not short of struggles. In 1999, we suffered the loss of Elke Kitras to Leukemia. Her vision of celebrating beauty in all parts of life is still the driving factor behind every piece we create and bring to our customers.

                      We are proud to be Canada’s largest hot glass studio and to celebrate the Everyday Beautiful with our customers! Although Stephen is still a part of the company, his children have taken a large role in bringing the company forward into a new stage of business. We are proud to remain a family run, made in Canada company with a focus on bringing beautiful glass and gifts into the marketplace.

                      Kingston Studio Glass
                      Blown Glass
                      • Wispy Glasses ~ $38 (each)
                      • Martini Glass ($38) | Large Starry Bowl ~ 10" wide x 7" tall ($145) | Small Starry Bowl ~ 7" wide x 4.5" tall ($95) | other colors available
                      • Dessert Glasses ~ $38 (each)
                      • Ripple Bowl in Lagoon and Gold ~ 10" x 4" ~ $675
                      • Apricot Root Bowl (also available in Red) ~ 6" x 4" ~ $165
                      • Confetti Glasses ~ $44 (each)
                      • Snow Pig Ornaments ~ $44 (each)

                        Ontario, Canada

                        Glass artists, Alexi Hunter and Mariel Waddell Hunter, have been blowing glass at Kingston Glass Studio since 2006. After meeting at Sheridan College, where they were both studying the art of glass blowing, they moved to Kingston to work and own their own glass studio and gallery. Alexi was raised on his family’s farm just outside Kingston and much of his work is inspired by childhood. He is very interested in the technical aspects of blowing large glass vessels and balancing these shapes by sculpting and creating various surface effects. Mariel’s works often reflect water movement and life found within the ocean.  She is influenced by Trinidad and the Caribbean Islands where she was raised. The natural beauty of those centers has been the main foundation for her artistic vision.

                        Their different backgrounds and passion to create give them the foundations for a thriving business and love of glass. Both of their glassworks can be found in private and public collections including the Musée Des Beaux-Arts de Montréal.

                        Kingston Studio Glass has now grown into a collaborative featuring work by more than 20 glass blowing artists.

                        Carole Perry
                        Fused Glass Thread
                        • Carmen Miranda Embrace ~ 16" x 12" x 14" ~SOLD
                        • Detailed View - Commissions available
                        • Tuxedo Cat in the Garden ~ 18" x 10" x 14" ~ SOLD

                          Cave Creek, Arizona

                          Carole’s glass tapestries are the result of a life-long rebellion against the dreaded “DO NOT TOUCH” rules regarding glass.  She encourages the viewer to feel her woven glass.

                          Each of Carole’s tapestries begin with the cane (glass threads), cut and “woven” on the kiln shelf.  More than 9,000 threads are required to complete one sculpture.  The threads are heated slowly to near 1500˚ F in order to trigger “tack” melting of the glass.  At this moment, the glass is briefly removed from the kiln, and hand manipulated into its final shape.  The artist has no more than ten seconds to define the shape.  After that, the glass begins to cool and returns to its breakable state.

                          The glass tapestry is ideal for those seeking a statement sculpture as well as collectors of fine art glass.

                          David Thai
                          Blown Glass
                          • Thai One Cobalt Bowl
                          • Thai One Cobalt bowl featuring silver leaf
                          • Thai Signature Bowl ~ 23" x 21" x 9" ~ $1400

                            Georgetown (Ontario), Canada

                            David Thai is a Chinese Canadian glass artist who emigrated from Vietnam in 1985.  He completed his business degree at Ryerson University and went on to pursue glassblowing at Sheridan College where he graduated from the Crafts and Design Glass Program in 2002.  Upon graduating, David was accepted as a full-time Resident of Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.  He was both a resident and an instructor of glassblowing.  During this time, he has exhibited his work across Canada and also in the United States.

                            After three years at Harbourfront Centre, David moved to the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.  Later, he co-founded the Kingston Glass Studio and Gallery in Kingston Ontario.  Currently, David is a co-founder and owner of Studio One Glass located in Georgetown, Ontario, where he creates his current glassworks.  Whether David is creating a blown glass vessel or a piece of glass sculpture, his focus is on both the creation of a timeless design with a contemporary style and a high level of technical skill.  He aims toward creating objects that beautify their surroundings.

                            Artist Statement – Glass is the medium that best reflects my innermost feelings. When approaching glass in its fluid state, I am deeply moved by the metamorphosis from a molten state to the solidified shape of my design.  As the Italian glass artist Livio Seguso said, glass is “a material that seems to be born out of the sea to live in the air shaped by fire; it fascinates and ignites the imagination.” – David Thai

                            Ed & Kate Coleman
                            • Memphis Tiles ~ 3.5" x 3.5" ~ $34 (each)
                            • Trays ~ 11.5" x 5" ~ $42 (each)
                            • Black & White Wall Platters ~ 19.5" (circumference) ~ SOLD
                            • Wall Tiles ~ 10.5" x 10.5" SOLD
                            • Clocks ~ 8.5" x 9.5" (left), 4" x 12.5" (right) SOLD

                              Ceramics (Asheville, North Carolina)

                              Ed and Kate Coleman have been working ceramic artists for two decades. Graduating from Ball State University in 1998 and both receiving degrees in art, they launched their careers together. They reside in the mountains of North Carolina near Asheville with their daughter Irish. They enjoy being members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and have found a community of crafters, artists, and families to share their life and passion with. They have endured many aspects of a studio artist’s journey, showing at many festivals and working jointly with galleries, museum shops, and boutiques across the country and internationally. They enjoy this lifestyle and are constantly being inspired by nature, pop culture, family, and everyday life. Their works can be seen in many fine craft galleries and select fine art festivals.

                              “Our work is a collaboration between two artists – separate people with ideas that merge. We believe that life is more beautiful and more livable when surrounded by things made by hand. Our work is created for those who search for this quality in fine craft objects. We share this connection with those who own our work.”

                              David Patchen
                              Cane & Murine Blown Glass
                              • Fogilo ~ 19" x 15" x 4" ~ $1100
                              • Fogilo ~ Detailed View
                              • Bloom ~ SOLD (commissions available)

                                San Francisco, California

                                For two decades David’s creative energies primarily found an outlet in music, but a blowpipe and glass furnace have firmly replaced his guitar.  A former corporate marketing professional, a glassblowing class in 2001 ignited such a passion in him that he transitioned his professional career from the software world to full-time glass artist.

                                David has studied at the prestigious Pilchuck Glass School, founded by Dale Chihuly and John & Anne Hauberg in Stanwood, Washington. In 2010, David was invited to Seto City, Japan as Artist in Residence, spending a month lecturing, demonstrating and making work through an award from the Seto City Art and Cultural Foundation.  Early in his career, he learned through a wide range of talented local artists combined with a great deal of experimentation and visits with Afro Celotto, maestro and former assistant to Lino Tagliapietra in Murano, Italy. David has received awards for his work including an artistic merit scholarship for his studies at Pilchuck.  His book David Patchen, Glass is in the permanent collection of the Rakow Library at the Corning Museum of Glass and the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Centro Studi del Vetro (Glass Study Center Library) in Venice, Italy.  Yes, we do have a copy at the galleryDavid Patchen Video

                                Karon Ohm
                                Fused Glass
                                • Free Standing Totem ~ 15" x 8" ~ $195
                                • Standing Totem ~ 35" x 5" ~ $325
                                • Garden Stakes (Karon Ohm) ~ $26 and $85 (each)
                                • Wall Totems ~ commissions available

                                  Door County, Wisconsin

                                  Karon Ohm grew up on a farm about one hour away from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She helped her family raise honey bees and maintain an apple orchard. Her father was an advertising copywriter that owned his own agency along with her mother, who was also involved in Community Theater. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a Bachelor’s degree in Consumer Science. She is now a mother of four children. While they were still growing, she had a marketing firm and volunteered as a visiting board member at UW Madison.

                                  Craig McMillin
                                  • Wall Platters ~ Visit gallery for full selection! ~ $65 - $450
                                  • Wall Platters ~ Reef and Champagne glazes
                                  • Wall Platters ~ Detailed View
                                  • Seascape ~ 24" (diameter) ~ $450

                                    Covington, Louisiana

                                    Craig started his journey in pottery at the age of 16, when he started experimenting with clay on an abandoned pottery wheel at his school. Self-taught, what developed was a lifelong passion for ceramics. He is known for testing the limits of clay and adapting his studio and skills to push the medium both in size and with his glazes.

                                    “I start each day with the same intent: To create the finest piece of ceramic art that I possibly can. What I am doing as a potter is creating a canvas for the crystalline glazes, to establish a synchronistic relationship where the glaze and the pot complement each other.”

                                    Todd Babb
                                    • Balanced Beauty ~ 34" ~ $1100
                                    • Forever Young ~ 25" | Free Spirit ~ 29" ~ $950 each
                                    • Let it Go ~ 25" ~ $950
                                    • Deco-Dent Orange ~ 30" ~ SOLD

                                      Ft. Myers, Florida

                                      Modern artist, Todd Andrew Babb, is a sculptor based in South Florida. Babb’s sculptural art process involves the personally developed use of innovative materials to allow for the distinctly expressive lines of his contemporary figurative pieces. Each uninhibited piece is an exploration into the evolution of humanity because of his desire for progression. Concentrating on line and form over detail and aesthetics, Babb’s elongated and oftentimes abstracted bodies portray this adaptation of the human spirit.

                                      Babb was born just outside of Philadelphia into a family of artists, historians, and philosophers. Honing his skill at a young age, Babb pursued a career as a painter soon after serving in the United States Air Force. Following his first business, Creative Artistry, where he worked with top corporations such as Dupont Corian and Walt Disney Company, Babb pursued a more conceptual modernist sculpting career in an effort to express his philosophical interpretations of the human condition.

                                      As a self-identified progressivist, Babb never attempts to change the principles of nature. On the contrary, his works harness the inevitable change of existence, which dematerializes chaotic change.  In addition, he is one of the founders of the OPT (Open Positive Transference) art movement.  Thus, Babb is dedicated to creating works of technical excellence and open-minded concepts that ultimately influence its spatial energy with the expectation of inspiring and generating a truly sanguine reality.

                                      Babb’s paintings and sculpture can be found in private collections around the world including countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. His work has been exhibited with such artists as Robert Rauschenberg and HR Giger, participated in shows organized by top curators such as Curse Mackey and Anna Visnitskaya, and has been displayed both nationally and internationally in museums, galleries, and fine art shows. Babb has been showing publicly in group and solo exhibits since 2002.

                                      Babb is represented by Alberto Linero Gallery, Miami Florida. The Alberto Linero Gallery represents emerging and established conceptual artists. Babb also is represented by T Clifton Art in Memphis, Tennessee, 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota, Florida and Gallery Guichard in Chicago, Illinois.

                                      Victor Chiarizia
                                      Blown Glass
                                      • Curvasi in Steel Blue ~ appx. 40" tall
                                      • Swans - Midnight, Tea, and Amethyst ~ SOLD (special order available - variety of color options) Call the gallery for special order

                                        Fairview, North Carolina

                                        As a first-generation Italian-American, Victor Chiarizia is influenced by a tradition and culture that embraces the handmade. Renowned for his innovative designs and use of striking colors, he explores sculptural shapes in glass using traditional Venetian and developed glassblowing techniques.

                                        Much of Chiarizia’s work is created using the incalmo technique, which was developed by Venetian master glassblowers 500 years ago. In adapting this ancient technique of assembling horizontal stripes of color from “cups” of glass, Chiarizia creates vibrant and striking color combinations of vertical and diagonal bands.

                                        Chiarizia studied at Salem College in New Jersey, Haystack School of Crafts in Maine, and The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. His work has been featured in juried shows in the USA and Taiwan, as well as numerous publications, including “500 Glass Objects” and “The Penland Book of Glass.”

                                        Michael Hudson
                                        Blown Glass
                                        • Entwined Candle Holders ~ $134 & $184
                                        • Puffer Fish ~ 5" x 6" ~ SOLD
                                        • Angel Fish ~ 12" x 9" ~ SOLD

                                          Louisville, Kentucky

                                          After more than 12 years in a career of designing art through handmade blown glass, Michael Hudson is at the forefront of creating glass objects of desire. As the passionate owner of Hudson Glass, Michael approaches the demands of glassblowing and glass sculpting with excellence in creativity and product design.

                                          While attending Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Michael received a BFA in Art & Design with a Specialization in Glass. His return to Louisville, Kentucky, led him to invest time working in various studios and assisting in the creation of the University of Louisville Glass Program. As the new studio owner, Michael and his staff desire for Hudson Glass to stand for excellence in product design, creativity, and pure beauty.

                                          Alicia Kelemen
                                          Fused Glass
                                          • Western Wall (angled view) ~ 18" x 4.5" ~ $315
                                          • Parting of the Sea ~ 19.5" x 4.5" ~ SOLD
                                          • Jerusalem Skyline ~ 10" x 4.5" ~ $325
                                          • Waterfall Sculpture (SOLD) ~ $795
                                          • Ocean Breeze (with LED Light) (SOLD) ~ $150

                                            Ashville, North Carolina

                                            Alicia is a second-generation glass artist. Her classical training in architecture integrates her art with the decorative design of the living space. The years of drafting emerge in art forms of geometrical shapes, the texture of materials and pure lines. She then sets these into decorative art for walls and murals, sculpture and home décor pieces as well as a complete line of Judaic Art. For commissioned work, the trick lies in knowing how to handle small and large scale formats.

                                            Alicia’s artwork has been exhibited in Venezuela, Japan, United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, and The United States. Her work also presently appears in The White House, Denmark’s Permanent Collection Glass Museum, Juan Pablo II Cathedral, etc.

                                            It’s also a compliment to her hard-earned success that many well-known individuals own her work including international dignitaries such as The King of Spain and The King of Jordan plus top performers in the entertainment industry, to name a few: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Whoopi Golberg, and Gerald Cafesjian.

                                            Thomas Maras
                                            Blown Glass
                                            • Lapis Horizon ~ 15.5" ~ $440
                                            • Turquoise Horizon ~ 14" ~SOLD
                                            • Blue Horizon ~ 11" ~ SOLD

                                              Hudson, Wisconsin

                                              Thomas Maras began blowing glass over 20 years ago as a student at the Minnesota State University Moorhead. His style includes clean forms, line, and color. His “Horizon” series can be described as a lava lamp landscape. Many of his works are created by layering color and using a stippling technique. This allows for the colors to stay vivid and to have movement. He once shared, “Glass has a reflective quality unlike any other medium, and I love the pure translation of color. Creating are is taking risks by defining something original from your perspective and skill. Glass-blowing is both my passion and my lifeline.”

                                              Gartner Blade
                                              Blown Glass
                                              • Amethyst Opal Sphere ~ 11" x 10" (diameter) ~ $1400
                                              • Arbors ~ 9" x 6" ~ $275 (each)
                                              • Shell Bowl ~ 11" x 5.5" ~ SOLD
                                              • Ruby Vessel ~ 10" x 11" ~ SOLD
                                              • Tendril Jar ~ 15" x 9" (diameter) ~ SOLD

                                                Ashley Falls, Massachusetts

                                                Gartner Blade is the collaborative work of Danielle Blade & Stephen Gartner. Business partners since 1996, they combine their ideas, techniques, and experiences to create original works in both blown and sculpted hot glass. They are continually developing pieces that explore their interpretation of objects commonly used in rituals and worship. The inspiration for these pieces begins with their mutual fascination with the many vessels and sculptural objects that are revered in rituals of both primitive and contemporary cultures. Natural elements such as bone, wood, vine and rock formations combine with our highly original color palette to create their signature pieces. Their work merges traditional hand blown glass techniques with innovative color applications and original sculpting techniques.

                                                Steven Bronstein
                                                Forged Iron
                                                • Recurve Candle Holder ~ 10.5" x 7.5" ~ $185
                                                • Dreidel with copper ~ appx. 7" tall, spins on stand ~ $210
                                                • Candle Holders ~ 16" ~ $165
                                                • Sabbath Candle Holders ~ 4" x 2" ~ $85
                                                • Tree Menorah ~ appx 9" wide ~ SOLD
                                                • Tenoned Vase ~ 5" x 3" ~ SOLD
                                                • Menorah ~ Special Order available

                                                  Marshfield, Vermont

                                                  Blackthorne Forge is owned and operated by Vermont blacksmith, Steven Bronstein. He and his helpers have been creating functional and sculptural ironwork for over 25 years. His designs strive to blend the primitive charm of ironwork with the energy and interest of more contemporary design.

                                                  Relying on the qualities that make iron such a beautiful material, Steven’s pieces are both delicate and rugged. Just as the hot metal twists and bends to create beauty, so does the craft of blacksmithing itself. Steven celebrates this aspect of his art and looks forward to all of its possibilities.

                                                  Steven’s work is available in more than 100 galleries around the country.

                                                  Jennifer Nauck
                                                  Blown Glass
                                                  • Migration ~ 25" x 18" ~ $485
                                                  • Migration ~ Detailed View

                                                    Wakefield, Rhode Island

                                                    In 2003, Jennifer began working in a production studio and gallery in Colorado. She started blowing glass after hours and became a full-time glass blower in 2007. While she developed a fundamental knowledge of the material, she is primarily self-taught. Her work comes from a very pure place and is a product almost entirely of her imagination and experimentation in the studio.

                                                    A critical shift in her work occurred in 2014, when she began working on a technique of her own creation: larger scale sculpture made entirely of smaller blown bubbles that are either fused or joined hot.  Though the work is still in its infancy, she feels that through her work she is exploring the concepts of the individual in society, the many that make up the whole, the fragility of the whole and its dependence on the strength of the individual. Jennifer also is fascinated by the way glass, like water, can reflect and often amplify ambient color, light and texture. Her vessel and sculptural forms explore glass’s natural fluidity, its tendency to form bubbles, and the way it, like water, both accepts and defies containment.

                                                    Case Island Glass
                                                    Fused Glass
                                                    • Ava Bullseye Platters ~ 4" x 13" ~ $75 and 5" (square) ~ $26
                                                    • Tranquility ~ 8" x 24" ~ $215
                                                    • Votive candle holders ~ $25
                                                    • Marjorie ~ 12" x 12" ~ $120

                                                      Flint, Michigan

                                                      Suellen Parker, a holder of a degree in art from Boston College and owner of Case Island Glass, LLC, creates her pieces by a process known as “glass fusing”. The process involves heating carefully sized pieces of glass with the same COE to high temperatures, causing the pieces to melt or “fuse” together. Each piece is hand made and fused, often involving several separate firings.

                                                      All pieces start as large sheets of glass made specifically for fusing. Suellen uses Bullseye glass products exclusively. The starting shape of the piece is hand-cut using diamond-edged etching tools. Next, smaller pieces are hand-cut and stacked on the base. Thin glass rods called “stringers” may be used to create straight lines. Care must be taken with colors, because colors may subtlety change during the firing process.

                                                      The assembled piece is then placed in a kiln for the initial firing. Controls are set for the rate of heating the kiln, the fusing temperature (approaching 1,500 degrees), the time to hold the fusing temperature, and the rate of cooling. The entire firing process, including cool down, takes 12 or more hours. For some pieces, such as the bracelets, the fusing process is complete. For larger pieces, the process is just beginning. Some pieces have three separate firings.

                                                      The result of the first firing is a flat glass with the various pieces fused together, where the individual pieces retain a portion of their shape. Each flat glass is a unique and distinctive piece. The flat glass is now placed on a mold that will give it a shape as a bowl, dish, or other functional objects. Some of Suellen’s molds are her own design. The piece is then fired again, with different temperature and time settings. The flat piece slumps into the mold and is now ready for final finishing.

                                                      Glass Eye Studio
                                                      Blown Glass
                                                      • Various Ornaments ~ Visit the gallery for our full selection!
                                                      • Various Ornaments ~ Visit the gallery for our full selection!
                                                      • Floppy Bowls ~ Visit the gallery for our full selection!

                                                        Seattle, Washington

                                                        Founded in 1978 in Seattle’s famed Pike Place Market, Glass Eye Studio is one of the oldest and largest privately-owned hot shops in the country and served as a training ground for some of the most famed glass artists of the Pacific Northwest.

                                                        Having since moved to the historic Ballard neighborhood, the studio continues to create the finest blown glass objects it has become best known for. Recognized for their mastery of form and color spectrum, talented glass artists, in collaboration with creative director and designer, Piper O’Neill, create refined artworks that showcase the best qualities of glass.

                                                        Little River Hot Glass Studio
                                                        Blown Glass
                                                        • Spinning Marbles ~ Visit gallery for full selection! ~ $135
                                                        • Ornaments ~ Visit gallery for full selection!
                                                        • Sun Disks ~ $40

                                                          Stowe, Vermont

                                                          Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Michael Timpol was first introduced to glass working during a high school stained glass course in Stowe, Vermont.  He pursued a career in stained glass while attending Concordia University in Montreal designing and creating many residential commissions as well as several public installations. Frustrated with the limitations of the two-dimensional process, he enrolled at Sheridan College School of Craft & Design in Mississauga, Ontario to learn the art of glassblowing.

                                                          Upon graduation in 1985, he was accepted for a residency at Harbourfront Craft Studios, one of Toronto’s most popular tourist destinations.  Shortly after he left Harbourfront in 1989, he established his own company Hotglass Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario for which he designed and created a full line of blown glass products.

                                                          In 1995, Michael relocated to Stowe, Vermont and founded Little River Hot Glass Studio. He currently designs and manufactures a diverse body of product in addition to overseeing the operations of the studio.

                                                          Delish Glass
                                                          Blown Glass
                                                          • Glass Blown Pen ~ Visit gallery for full selection! ~ $18

                                                            Murphysboro, Illinois

                                                            Delish Glass established their business in 2009 after its founders graduated from the School for American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology. Since then they have focused their efforts on creating an easily accessible resource for all individuals to attain uniquely designed home decor as well as custom pieces.

                                                            Finding an industrial building in downtown Rochester, it was the perfect place for them to set up shop. From here, they built the equipment in our studio from the ground up.

                                                            In January 2016, they moved their house and studio 850 miles away from Rochester, New York and to the rolling hills of southern Illinois. The new location has given them more studio space, brought them closer to family and expanded their ability to attend art shows that were previously too far away.

                                                            Currently, their spare time is spent raising their daughter in southern IL. During the spring and summer months, they enjoy balancing work and traveling while also maintaining a small garden, canning excess vegetables and making lots of jellies. They have a small gift shop at the top of their property and enjoy teaching the art of glassblowing for birthdays, corporate, and team-building events.

                                                            Vitrix Hot Glass Studio
                                                            Fused Glass
                                                            • Miniature Heechee ~ 11" x 6.5" ~ $350
                                                            • Miniature Heechee ~ 11" x 6" ~ $350
                                                            • Arched Heechee ~ 12.5" x 8" ~ $425

                                                              Corning, New York

                                                              Founded in 1979 in Corning’s historic Market Street district, Vitrix Hot Glass Studio is regarded among America’s prominent contemporary glass studios. Glass artist Thomas P. Kelly and business manager, Robert Kelly along with a few dedicated others, are committed to uncompromising quality and craftsmanship and the satisfaction of our customers.

                                                              When Tom went to work for Bob Rockwell, the world’s leading collector of Carder-Steuben glass, in 1982, he had no idea that glass would end up playing such a major role in his life. Under the guidance of Mr. Rockwell, Tom had the opportunity to handle and examine the work of Frederick Carder. After working for Mr. Rockwell for three years, Tom’s attention was drawn to the glass studios of Alex Brand and Thomas Buechner. After much persistence, he was offered part-time employment at both studios where he had the opportunity to learn from two distinctly different artists each having their own unique talents. Eventually, Tom found himself blowing glass full-time with Thomas Buechner III at Vitrix Hot Glass Studio. At Vitrix, visiting artists such as Lino Tagliapietra and Fritz Dreisbach educated and influenced him.

                                                              Over the next ten years, Tom’s glass working skills and aesthetic sensitivity continued to develop. When Buechner made the decision to leave and to grow in another direction, Tom was ready to take over ownership of Vitrix. Tom has been integrally involved in the production of works that have been published and exhibited internationally and can be found in fine stores and galleries across the US and in Canada, Europe, and Japan.

                                                              Youngblood Studio
                                                              • Art & Lighting ~ A great combo to add sizzle to your home or business! ~ Call us for more information!
                                                              • Ornament Stands (Amanda Nalley) ~ $38

                                                                Memphis, Tennessee

                                                                Youngblood Studio is the premier art production studio in Memphis and the surrounding areas. With a team of talented artists, they are at the forefront of a burgeoning municipal art program, designing and building large-scale public art, while also fabricating the work of other local artists. Youngblood Studio works closely with local hospitals to create and deliver quality art programs, custom signage, donor recognition opportunities, murals, sculptures, and elaborate, interactive patient environments. Private clients commission sculptures and murals to accent their homes and small businesses. Youngblood Studio also partners with local and regional artists on many projects in the spirit of collaboration and diversity to create a vibrant hub for local creatives.

                                                                T Clifton Art is the exclusive provider of their custom lighting design. Youngblood Studios partners with our glass artists to create a one-of-a-kind work of art for your lighting needs.  Amanda Nalley of Youngblood Studios designed and creates the ornament stands for T Clifton Art clients.

                                                                Lester Jones
                                                                • The Sisters - Monique, Grace, and Keisha ~ 10" - 16" ~ SOLD

                                                                  Memphis, TN

                                                                  Lester Jones is a noted raku artist.  His sculptural work of men, women, and children is known for capturing the human spirit of ordinary people.

                                                                  Using clay, wire, beads, and the raku firing process, he creates exotic looks with a tapestry of braids, coils, twists, and beaded locs to accentuate the kindred spirit for his figurative work.

                                                                  Born and raised in Memphis, Lester studied art at the University of Memphis and is currently a middle school art teacher. Since 1988, his work has been collected throughout the Mid-South. Lester Jones has many accomplishments including being featured on HGTV, selected as Best in Show at various art festivals, and having his work been published in several art magazines.

                                                                  Ebba Krarup
                                                                  Fused Glass
                                                                  • Menagerie of dogs, cats, and birds ~ Visit the gallery for full selection! ~ $26 - $48

                                                                    Bellingham, Washington

                                                                    Ebba Krarup was born in Denmark and is now a resident of the beautiful Pacific NW. After 20 years of creating stained glassworks in the Bay Area, she opened her business in the Bellingham, WA area in 2001 where she focused on creating fused glass pieces. Her studio is on rural acreage and the beauty of nature provides great inspiration for her work. She started out creating dichroic glass jewelry, which gives off beautiful metallic colors that change with the light and background colors. She has since added a variety of functional art with pocket vases as her trademark. Every piece is handmade and unique. Her work can be found in gift stores and galleries throughout the US and in Scandinavia.

                                                                    Mary Kolar
                                                                    Reclaimed Materials
                                                                    • Odd Birds Series ~ Visit the gallery for full selection! ~ $42 - $48

                                                                      Kearney, Nebraska

                                                                      Mary Kolar has been creating art ever since she can remember. From drawing on her parent’s basement walls, melting crayons on the basement kerosene heater, to creating (unknown to herself at the time) encaustics. Her first three-dimensional pieces were sculptures made from junk metal from her uncle’s gas station scrap pile. She was given the gift of curiosity and observation at an early age, and her childhood was rich with influences of the north-central Nebraska landscape, my parents, relatives and many excursions to old junkyards.

                                                                      She received a B.F.A. with a Commercial Art Comprehensive Degree from the University of Nebraska-Kearney. Her journeys and experiences have led her in many directions from teaching both fine art and commercial art classes, conducting art workshops, and exhibiting in numerous art shows locally and nationally.