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Cast Crystal (Lost Wax)

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About Brian Russell (Sabbatical)

Cast Crystal Sculpture (Memphis, artist on sabbatical)

Please note, Cast Crystal Sculpture artist Brian and his wife are enjoying a two – five year sabbatical.  Our current inventory of works is all that is available in this market.

Brian Russellʼs artistic endeavors began in the late seventies when he started exploring black and white photography, until his introduction to sculpture in 1981. Under Lawrence Anthonyʼs instruction at Rhodes College, Russell began to be fascinated with what his hands could create. Beginning with wood and stone carving, he soon progressed to fabricating large freestanding sculptures from scrap steel and industrial debris.

In 1985, he opened a studio on Broad Avenue. It was here Russell became aware of the creative possibilities of working with hot-forged metals. Using the tools and techniques of traditional blacksmiths allowed the shaping of metal into forms matching his creative vision. Driven to incorporate color into his work, Russell began experimenting with fused glass and pate-de-Verre.

In 1994, he moved his studio to 15 acres in the countryside northeast of Memphis. On a visit to New Zealand in 1999, Russell was exposed to a lost wax glass casting technique that produced exciting results. Two more years of hard work and research resulted in the current state of Russellʼs art: a fusion of forged metals and cast glass unique to his sculpture. Confidence in technique and agility with materials now allows him to fully exploit his creative talents. The transparency and optical nature of the colored cast glass have an inherent emotional effect that enables the artist to speak quietly, yet powerfully about his ideas on the nature of reality and purity of form.

Russell’s work is found in collections worldwide.


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