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Madison, Mississippi

Charles finds his inspiration from European and American impressionist painters – the application of color and value in order to create an image in the viewers mind without depicting each detail of a scene or model. Charles feels that art should stimulate some memory or emotion within the viewer, something that causes one to pause for a moment and to literally have an encounter with the specific piece of art.

His interest in painting began in McComb when his mother gave him art lessons in the fifth grade with the late Margaret Cain. Years later while in medical school, he dabbled with oils and continued to paint on an intermittent basis until his wife gave him a series of lessons with Dianne Norman of Jackson, Mississippi. He is a former member of the Mississippi Artist Guild, and his paintings have won several local awards. His painting of the Café Du Monde won a national award at the annual conference of American Physicians Art Association.

Dr. Guess does some painting outdoors but because of time constraints he usually uses photographs as a basis for a painting. He does his own photography as it is important to have a feel for the location and to have a better understanding of what is in the shadows and surrounding area beyond the framework of the photograph. He keeps two cameras in his van as he is always on the lookout for a pleasing or interesting scene. He has began to experiment with variations of color and some of his pieces lean more toward abstract. He enjoys a variation of style.


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