Erin Laughlin


Erin Laughlin’s Work 

About Erin Laughlin

Nashville, Tennessee

Erin’s art career started with sketches of the cartoon Speedy Gonzalez that she sold at recess. After an intense high school art study and a discouraging Art teacher, she chucked her art dreams and went Business School at University of North Carolina.

It took 10 years of office job security that finished at a major healthcare corporation for her to realize that the corporate career track wasn’t for her. She would rather chase after risky-no-one-makes-it, non traditional, exciting life.  Challenge accepted!

Erin is self-taught, and following a plan of no-plan because something magical happens when you do so.



Thursday & Friday: 11am to 5pm
Saturday: 11am to 4pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: Private Appointments Welcome

Framing by Appointment (Recommended)

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