Gartner Blade

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Gartner Blade’s Work 

About Gartner Blade

Ashley Falls, Massachusetts

Gartner Blade is the collaborative work of Danielle Blade & Stephen Gartner. Business partners since 1996, they combine their ideas, techniques, and experiences to create original works in both blown and sculpted hot glass. They are continually developing pieces that explore their interpretation of objects commonly used in rituals and worship. The inspiration for these pieces begins with their mutual fascination with the many vessels and sculptural objects that are revered in rituals of both primitive and contemporary cultures. Natural elements such as bone, wood, vine and rock formations combine with our highly original color palette to create their signature pieces. Their work merges traditional hand blown glass techniques with innovative color applications and original sculpting techniques.


Thursday & Friday: 11am - 5pm
Saturday: 11am - 4pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: Private Appointments Welcome
Custom Framing by Appointment (Recommended)

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