Gift Guide – Nature Lovers

Gift Guide – Nature Lovers

Our gift guide for nature lovers offers unique gifts for someone who enjoys nature. It’s a curated collection with the goal of discovering the unexpected. The collection includes items for the garden, paintings and sculptures inspired by nature, and items that are sustainable (jewelry and framing).

In our Gift Guide for nature lovers, you will find Bari Verti’s blown glass apples are available in two sizes and come in a variety of iridescent glass colors. Kitras Art Glass’ Bee Balls serve as a safe way for bees to take a sip and help save the bees.

Steven Bronstein’s forged iron animals are great as a paperweight on the desk or in the bookcase, while artist Jay Johnson’s stained glass can be hung on a window or outside in a tree. Of course, we had to include in the gift guide Flor D’Luz Menorah by Fay Miller brings a bouquet of blown glass flowers to your home and Hanukkah celebration.

This gift guide also includes paintings by a variety of artists who are inspired by nature and who are nature lovers themselves.

Are you familiar with the Tagua Nut? It’s sustainable, grown on palm trees in the Amazon, and showcased by jewelry artist Veronica Martens. Finally, we offer a great selection of certified sustainable mouldings for your custom framing projects. You can make a difference in protecting our forests – the ultimate way to be a nature lover!

Enjoy our gift guide for nature lovers and discover a range of unique gifts.


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