Glenda Kronke

Kiln Fired Glass

Glenda Kronke’s Work 

About Glenda Kronke

Austin, Texas

Glenda Kronke is a native Texan, born and raised on the Gulf Coast. Her love of glass began in 1983, and she spent the next 25 years working for glass artists around the country. Based on the knowledge and experience she gained, she opened her own studio in Austin, Texas.

Her work is a reflection of the awe and wonder she feels at nature’s ability to create the rare and exotic. Glenda strives to create textures that compel touch, colors that provoke memory, and shapes that expand reality. She states, “Life and art ever evolve, seeking a vessel, a shape, a texture, a color – a path to expression. And once created, each possesses an essence of life, a statement of being.”


Thursday & Friday: 11am - 5pm
Saturday: 11am - 4pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: Private Appointments Welcome
Custom Framing by Appointment (Recommended)

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