Helen Rudy

Fused Glass

Helen Rudy’s Work 

About Helen Rudy

Bright colors and graceful patterns hallmark Helen Rudy’s unique style. Each crisp and clean design reveals global influences and modern flare. Helen’s attention to color, detail, layering, and saturation are her signature. Enjoy the interplay of light on glass. 
Self-taught, Helen’s method involves measuring and hand-cutting each piece of glass. By layering many different colors on top of each other, she creates a bright and bold design. Her design is then fired in a kiln to 1460˚ to fuse the glass together. Often a second, third, or fourth firing occurs to shape the final piece. Helen works with the glass in the kiln for several days before the final, one-of-a-kind piece emerges.
Her studio is in Denver.


Thursday & Friday: 11am - 5pm
Saturday: 11am - 4pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: Private Appointments Welcome
Custom Framing by Appointment (Recommended)

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