Jennifer Nauck

Blown Glass

Jennifer Nauck’s Work 

About Jennifer Nauck

Wakefield, Rhode Island

In 2003, Jennifer began working in a production studio and gallery in Colorado. She started blowing glass after hours and became a full-time glass blower in 2007. While she developed a fundamental knowledge of the material, she is primarily self-taught. Her work comes from a very pure place and is a product almost entirely of her imagination and experimentation in the studio.

A critical shift in her work occurred in 2014, when she began working on a technique of her own creation: larger scale sculpture made entirely of smaller blown bubbles that are either fused or joined hot.  Though the work is still in its infancy, she feels that through her work she is exploring the concepts of the individual in society, the many that make up the whole, the fragility of the whole and its dependence on the strength of the individual. Jennifer also is fascinated by the way glass, like water, can reflect and often amplify ambient color, light and texture. Her vessel and sculptural forms explore glass’s natural fluidity, its tendency to form bubbles, and the way it, like water, both accepts and defies containment.

  • Thursday & Friday: 11am - 5pm
  • Saturday: 11am - 4pm
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Private Appointments Welcomed
  • Custom Framing by Appointment (Recommended)

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