Fay Miller Glass Artist Interview

Learn about Fay Miller’s process for creating her unique contemporary glass sculptures.  Fay joined WKNOFM’s Kacky Walton and discussed her transition from a career in marketing to glass sculpting. Fay’s creations feature both sculptures and Judaic fine art works. Click on the link below to listen in.  The interview is approximately 20 minutes long. 

Fay Miller, glass artist, WKNOFM

Adam Trest from Laurel, Mississippi

Get to know Laurel, Mississippi artist Adam Trest.  Adam joined Kacky Walton on WKNOFM-91.1’s “Checking on the Arts” earlier today for a great interview.  Listen in to learn more about the path Adam’s art has taken, what are his current influences, and more.  Plus, hear about some of his work with HGTV’s Home Town series. Link below for the radio interview (18 minutes).

Adam Trest Plaster Faces

Plaster Face Series

Raised in the South, Adam is inspired by the deep rooted traditions found in southern culture. Heavily influenced by flora and fauna of the southeastern United States, Trest’s imagery ranges from wildlife to traditional southern hunts. During the interview, Adam discusses the influences of Walter Anderson, Blue Willow china, and Intaglios – all with a Trest twist. 

Want to see our current exhibit of Adam’s work?  Come visit the gallery Thursday – Saturday, 11am – 3pm.  Also, click here to view online.  Visit Adam’s website for his complete collection. Click here. 

Adam’s Blue Willow vase paintings

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Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein

Last week fiber artist Joan Edelstein visited with Kacky Walton on WKNOFM.  The link to her interview is below.  The interview is approximately 13 minutes.  

Joan creates one-of-a-kind, limited production designs utilizing both contemporary and repurposed fabrics. Each scarf and wrap is surrounded by hand-dyed silk. Most of her pieces are created using upcycled fabrics, trims, vintage pieces and fiber. Many of her creations are eco-friendly and beautiful in its design. Her unique designs are found in galleries, museum stores, and high-end boutiques nationwide.

Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein Artist Statement:
I have devised a process which involves anywhere from seven to twelve steps (depending on the piece.) It includes the laying and mitering of the silk border and foundation:(in some cases), the printing of certain thematic fabrics; the layering of both contemporary and vintage fabrics and fibers; sewing, finishing and pressing each piece. Some of my pieces are tried & true patterns. For many, though the overall patterns and designs may appear similar, the placement and use of fabrics and fibers will differ so that each piece becomes a unique, one of a kind work of art to wear or display.

FAQs about Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein’s Scarves:

Q: How fragile are the scarves? The thread looks like it would break easily.
A: The thread I use is very strong and I’ve never had a scarf come back because of tearing. In fact, I’ve never had a scarf or wrap come back. (Note: Just don’t let your cat play with it.)

Q: How do I clean my scarf if it gets dirty?
A: Just hand wash in cold water using mild soap. Roll wet scarf into a towel to get the water out. Press damp scarf with iron on “silk” setting. Press straight down trying to avoid ironing side-to-side.

Q: How long does it take to receive a typical order?
A: Usually 2-4 weeks. Every scarf is made to order.

Listen to the interview, then come see her scarves!  BTW – great gift idea!
Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein is one of a kind! 

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Listen to Joan

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Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein Scarves

Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein
Leaf Scarf ~ 6″ x 60″ ~ $95

Jewelry Designer Dorothy Northern

Get to know Memphis Jewelry Designer Dorothy Northern and how she chooses the stones and designs for her signature jewelry collection.  Dorothy recently visited with WKNO FM 91.1‘s Kacky Walton and discussed all things jewelry design.  Learn about the mystical powers of lapis and other stones that Dorothy incorporates into her designs. 

To enjoy jewelry designer Dorothy Northern’s latest collection, click here and go to her gallery.  

The interview is approximately 15 minutes long.   Click on the link below to listen. 

Memphis Artist N. J. Woods Interview

Listen in on last week’s Checking on the Arts segment with Memphis Artist N. J. Woods and WKNO FM’s Kacky Walton.  N. J. and Tom Clifton joined Kacky for her segment on Wednesday, October 1.  They discuss how her fond memories of childhood influence her paintings.

N. J. Woods is a recognized folk art artist who garners praise for her work being similar to Carroll Cloar. If you are seeking an important addition to your art collection, consider Memphis artist N. J. Woods.  

You can see her recent works at our Memphis Art Gallery located in the Broad Avenue Arts District.  Support local!  Shop local!

Also, remember we specialize in custom framing.  Choose your favorite acrylic painting on paper by N. J., and let us frame it!

Image of NJ Woods painting Mama said...

Mama said, “If you Can See the Moon, It’s too Late.”

Want to virtual tour of our current exhibit of N. J.’s work?  Click here>
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Want to listen to Memphis artist N. J. Woods’ interview?  Click below.  (appx 17 min.)

Glass Artist Scott Hartley

Glass Artist Scott Hartley Studio


Get to know blown glass artist Scott Harley. 

The artist visited with WKNO FM’s Kacky Walton on Monday during her “Checking on the Arts” segment.  Scott and Kacky discussed his path from teaching biology to blowing glass along with why he’s drawn to create glass sculptures that connect and are intertwined.  (20 min interview)

Scott has been represented by T Clifton Art – the South’s Premier Glass Art Gallery – since early 2017.

From Scott:
Sitting in church, a young child was handed a Sunday bulletin from his father.  Feeling the texture of the creamy paper in his fingers, the small child gently turned the folded sheets over his lap.  A glimmer in his eye appeared as he glared at the curving lines and shading that appeared on the smooth paper. 

The designs and characters came alive in the child’s head as he studied the pencil lines.  As he turned slowly toward his father, a huge smile spread across his tiny face.  As their eyes met, the father saw the love in his son’s eyes and the spark that had brought him so much joy since his own childhood.  The torch had been passed. That young boy had art in his blood.

My appreciation for art has come a long way since that glorious day in church. I have grown up experimenting with all different kinds of media. Throughout my days in school, I expressed myself with the most meaning and desire with a set of graphite pencils.  Two-dimensional art, I felt, was the only outlet for my life.  I love art, and I knew that it would always play a huge role in my life.

I graduated as Valedictorian of my high school class and attended a small liberal arts college, which has one of the greatest science departments in the area.  My priorities were to receive the finest education that I could, play basketball, graduate with a biology degree, and attend medical school.  In college, I realized that biology was my passion, not medicine.  In the end, I found that what matters is not the amount of money you have in your pockets but the impact you have on the lives of those around you. So, I became a high school biology teacher, determined to make a difference … but where was ART?

My life was great.  I married my high school sweetheart, had a great family, and was doing my best to have an impact on the lives of today’s children, but something was missing.  I searched and realized that there was one thing that was missing from my life…ART.  I quit my teaching job to pursue my love for art full time, and I could not be happier.   GLASS is my escape.  GLASS is the glimmer in my eye.  GLASS gives me that same huge smile and flutter in my chest that I had on that Sunday morning staring at the church bulletin.  GLASS is the perfect marriage of both art and science!  My wife, my family, and my art have shaped me into the person I am today.  My work is hard – both physically demanding and mentally draining – but it is by far the most rewarding work that I have ever done in my life.  If you question my love, my happiness, and my joy that I have found in art and glass, look into my eyes…the shine is bright, just like a piece of glass.  Be careful, or you just might catch the fever.

Want to see our current exhibit of Scott’s blown glass sculptures?
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Want to listen to blown glass artist Scott Harley and Kacky discuss Scott’s work?  Click on the link below. 

Mary Johnston Contemporary Art

Want to know more about Mary Johnston’s approach to painting? Listen to her recent interview with WKNO FM’s Checking on the Arts.  Kacky Walton visited with Mary and Tom.  Interview is approximately 17 minutes.  Click on link below. 

Mary Johnston has been a part of the gallery for seven years.  Her work now graces many Memphis homes.  In addition to the gallery, her work is also a part of the Methodist Hospital’s Shorb Tower and Landmark Bank’s newest branch in Germantown. 

Mary’s use of vivid strong colors is intoxicating.  Her trees are the most sought after; however, her waterscapes and abstracts also are popular.  Her range is wide, painting 12” x 12” pieces as well as 48” x 84”.

She is a contemporary landscape & abstract painter.  The natural elements, large expansive sky, peaceful water, quiet green forests, the rocks and wind through the grass are the passions that dominate her work.  

Enjoy the interview!  If you want to see our current exhibit of Mary’s paintings,  click here>

Listen here… 

Jigsaw Puzzle Framing

A lot of us have spent time working on jigsaw puzzles lately.  Did you know you can keep them around by framing them! 
Tips to keep in mind if you want to frame your puzzles:
1. Place a layer of wax or parchment paper underneath your puzzle before you begin. It’s easier to slide the puzzle onto a different surface if you do this first. Also, this is key when you get to step #4.
2. Complete your puzzle.
3. Brush any lint or dust off the puzzle. Check that the puzzle is flat. Maybe go over it with a rolling pin to ensure all the pieces are secured.
4. Cover the top of the puzzle with a craft glue (Mod Podge is great). Use enough glue to cover the front, but not so much glue that the puzzle pieces become saturated. Be sure to brush all the way to the edges. Gluing the puzzle keeps all those little pieces in place when you transport it to us to frame.
Let it dry overnight. If edges curl up, simply flip it over. They will relax.
5. Bring us the puzzle or we can pick it up. What type of frame do you want to use on your puzzle?
Other fun puzzle ideas – create a family photo collage, have it printed as a puzzle (Shutterfly and other photo printers do this), enjoy putting it together, and then let’s frame it.  Custom framing puzzles have endless opportunities for fun! 
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Cremation Memories

One of our most treasured requests is to have a blown glass memory created to memorialize a loved one or treasured pet.  We have had our artists create small pebbles to carry in a pocket as well as larger orbs to feature on a table.  Please contact us for more information if this type memory would provide you comfort.  

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Blown Glass Orb (with ashes) ~ commission available (Cremation memories for loved ones or treasured pets)