Art Collecting – Interview with Linda Hill

WKNO FM 91.1 monthly segment with your favorite Memphis Art Gallery was this week.

Want to know more about why Le Bonheur and Methodist Hospitals invest in original art work, art curator Linda Hill discusses the power of art for healing with Kacky Walton and Pat.  Many thanks to WKNO FM 91.1 for hosting T Clifton Art this week. 

Listen to Linda discuss the artists and approach to the art collection both Le Bonheur and Methodist Hospitals showcase.  Why it’s most important for their patients as well as those visiting and the staff.  

Also, Pat discusses other ideas for both your home or corporate art collection. Did you know that art work can also help with acoustic challenges in your office? 

And, it’s First Friday on Broad Ave.  Click on the link below for “Checking on the Arts.”  The interview runs about 18 min. 

If you want to see what’s new at the gallery, click here. 

Memphis Artist Sophie Bloch Discusses Her Fiber Art

Enjoy this month’s Checking on the Arts’ chat with WKNOFM’s Kacky Walton. Kacky interviews Memphis fiber artist Sophie Bloch. Sophie is October’s featured artist for the gallery. Come visit with Sophie Friday evening during Broad Avenue’s First Friday.

Artist Sophie Bloch uses flowers and plants for her “paint” as she creates delightful scarves and shawls. Great for gifts! Want to know more about T Clifton Art? Click here>

Listen now!

Memphis Artist Tom Clifton on WKNO

Want to know more about Memphis artist and gallery owner Tom Clifton?  Listen to Tom’s interview with WKNO-FM’s Kacky Walton.  Tom joined Kacky’s segment “Checking on the Arts” on the eve of the gallery opening of his art exhibit.

Indivisible Choir of Many ~ 36″ x 48″ ~ $1600

Tom discusses his painting style – mezzo fresco.  Also, drop by the gallery during September for an expanded exhibition of Tom’s paintings.

Want to see more?  Click here>

Making Memphis Beautiful: An Interview with Memphis Artist Tylur French

Memphis art gallery featured artist month of August, Tylur French sat down alongside T Clifton Art’s Tom Clifton at WKNO FM to share how he and his team have been making Memphis a more beautiful place to live in. In this 11-minute interview, Kacky Walton dives deeper to provide a behind-the-scenes perspective into many of Tylur’s installations around Memphis. From his work at St. Jude to the newly constructed Memphis sign, Tylur shares how his work had brought new connections between so many individuals. With a fresh perspective, Tylur French aims to create a forward-thinking experience to not only entertain the public but to also unify communities.


Visit our premier art glass gallery to see how Youngblood Studio and T Clifton Art can help you create something beautiful for your home! Click here to see some examples of collaborative custom work that may inspire you:

Memphis Glass Artist Brian Russell Interview

As the premier art glass gallery of the south we are thrilled to feature artist Brian Russell for the month of July, Brian Russell had the amazing opportunity to be an interviewee on WKNO FM and share some insight and his experiences as a glass artist. Led by Kacky Walton, this 11-minute interview provides a deeper look into Brian Russell’s artistic background and the process for his serious glassworks. Tagging himself as a “functional artist,” he shares how he got into the glass game and where he hopes to take his work in the nearing future. He also reveals how he is able to beautifully fit such two contrasting materials together to create extraordinary sculptures. There is nothing like the “serendipity that happens with the mixture of the colors of glass”. By creating a name for himself as a Memphis-based artist and as someone who isn’t your ordinary glass artist, Brian Russell has a reputation that is sure to intrigue you.


Come visit our premier art glass gallery for an expanded collection of Brian Russell’s works! They won’t be here much longer, so make sure to check his pieces out and snag yours before they’re gone! Click here to see an updated list of his available works:



Broad Avenue First Friday Brian Russell

Broad on Ice is Friday, July 5.  We are featuring fine art glass artist Brian Russell.  Broad Avenue’s First Fridays are a fun family outing.

Stamina 4 ~ 50 inches x 14 inches x 11 inches ~ $4200

Brian is collected internationally.  His cast crystal is paired with forged iron for a unique and stunning piece.

Custom Frame your Embroidery in Memphis

You’ve worked hard to complete your embroidery, now it is time to showcase it!

Custom Frame Embroidery

We are the Memphis experts for custom framing embroidery. We even have take embroidery and created trays – be creative.  We are the exclusive framer for all of Amy’s Golden Strand embroidery kits.

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Art to Wear – Memphis Art Gallery Opening

Join us Friday evening, May 3 from 5 – 8 p.m. for the opening of our exhibit by fiber artist Lisa Mergen.

Hand painted silks to wear

Meet the artist and see her latest styles in silk and linen scarves, jackets, and more.  Ideal for the spring/summer wedding season, parties, and Mother’s Day gifts.

This art gallery opening is part of Broad Avenue Arts First Fridays.  Art to wear in painted silks and linens will be available to purchase throughout May.

For more information on our Memphis art gallery, click here. 

Memphis Artist Jeannine Paul

An Expression of Life
By Susan Nieman, reprinted with permission from Jewish Scene magazine

Jeannine Paul is an artist at heart. She loves to work with her hands and create colorful images that express her love of nature, the outdoors, places she’s visited and life itself. She remembers her father’s love of art and believes that love was passed on to her.

Born in Paris, France, Jeannine is a Holocaust survivor whose family was lost during World
War II. Alone in the world, she was sent and hidden at l’ecole de la Petite Republique in
Sevres, France, where she studied many forms of art from 1945 to 1947. The school served
as a refuge for Holocaust survivors and other orphans until they reached adulthood.
“We were very fortunate that this progressive school offered many art forms such as
watercolor, weaving, pottery and more,” said Jeannine.

Jeannine moved to the United States at the age of 17 and lived with family in New York.
She ultimately settled in Memphis when she became the wife of Dr. Raphael Paul, a
pediatric physician. “When we met, he did not know that I painted, and I did not know that he
was a sculpture,” she said.

The two took classes at Memphis College of Arts (MCA). Although Jeannine was still taking
classes in enameling and weaving, her love of painting evolved when she began studying
with Dorothy Sturm. “I worked with Dorothy and other MCA teachers for more than 20
years,” she said.

Painting became her first love. “I developed a style,” explained Jeannine, “but I can’t
quite say what that style is, because it is consistently changing.” Her art is not limited
to walls; enamels and paintings are found throughout her home, on furniture and
enameled floor coverings. Jeannine’s paintings are inspired by her
extensive travels. She paints mostly impressionist and expressionist landscapes in
oil on canvas, water colors and collages. She has won numerous awards in juried exhibits
collections throughout the United States and Europe. If you haven’t had the occasion
to view Jeannine’s work, you’re in luck. Although she will take appointments for clients in her
home studio, her art will be on display at T Clifton Art Gallery
on Broad Avenue in Memphis from March 1-30.

“Jeannine came to the gallery and introduced herself early 2018,” said T Clifton co-owner
Pat Brown. “Tom (Clifton) and I really appreciated her skill and bold use of color. Unfortunately
during 2018, we didn’t have an opportunity to exhibit her work. Fortunately for us,
Jeannine is tenacious. We reconnected during Israel Festival in November and began
to figure out how best to bring her work to the gallery. Each month during 2019, the gallery
will feature a local artist in conjunction with Broad Avenue’s First Fridays. We are
thrilled Jeannine’s schedule worked out for her to be our March featured artist.

“Jeannine’s work is an exceptional complement to our gallery’s offerings,” said Pat. “She takes
landscape scenes and makes them her own. Her brilliant use of rich,
strong colors is a reflection of her. Thus, the paintings feel authentic and
unique. Plus, we are excited to pair some of her paintings with our fine
art glass. Her exhibit will be a feast for the eyes and the soul. I feel the
paintings will draw the viewer into a world of joy and love. Isn’t that what
we all long for.”

Art Opening for Memphis Artist Jeannine Paul

Join us Friday evening for the opening of Vibrant Journey – works by Memphis artist Jeannine Paul. Also, Friday evening – First Friday’s on Broad Avenue.

Born in Paris, France, Jeannine is a Holocaust survivor whose family was lost during World War II. Alone in the world, she was sent and hidden at l’ecole de la Petite Republique in Sevres, France, where she studied many forms of art from 1945 to 1947. The school served as a refuge for Holocaust survivors and other orphans until they reached adulthood. (Jewish Scene Magazine)