Custom Mirrors for Your Home

Refresh your bathroom or master bedroom with a custom framed mirror.

A few options for a custom bathroom mirror

With our more than 2,000 picture framing moulding options, your mirrors will reflect your unique style.

Recently we asked our Facebook followers which of these options they liked best for a bathroom.  It was fun to see what determines someone’s style – easy to clean versus dramatic seemed to be the most popular options.

What factors do you consider when selecting art or framing for your home?

Ketubah Framing for the Wedding

Framing your Ketubah is an honor for us.  We cherish that we have framed multiple generations of this sacred document.

Custom Framed Ketubah

In addition to framing your signed Ketubah, we also prepare the Ketubah for the ceremony.  This ensures it is protected and is ready to frame shortly after your ceremony.

Also, consider registering for gifts as the countdown to your wedding begins.  We can include the framing as a gift option as well as any of our fine art Judaic pieces.  And, don’t forget the groom’s glass.  We have multiple colors of glasses made specifically for easy breaking.  The shards can then be used for a keepsake item when incorporated into a mezuzah or menorah.


Framing Diplomas ~ Gifts for the Graduate

Frame the diploma and celebrate the milestone with original art.

Diploma Framing for the Graduate

Your options are wide open when it comes to framing a diploma.  Perhaps you want to include it in a shadowbox of school memories? If the graduate is headed on a corporate business track, a more traditional frame may be the best option.

Of course, parents you may want to frame the diploma for your home since it represents one of your most significant investments. (Woohoo!)

Frame Your Family Photos

Have you framed your family lately?

Custom Frame Family Photos

Does the new graduate need to get his or her diploma framed?

How do you keep the vacation memories alive?

Custom framing allows you to choose a moulding and bring uniqueness to your family’s photos, memorabilia, and vacation memories.  Consider a shadowbox or keepsake items, or frame your grandmother’s favorite recipe.

Bring us the items, and we will guide you through selection of the frame and mats.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Tip:  Mom will be thrilled with whatever you give her, especially if the gift includes time with those she loves.

Gift ideas for Mom

If you want to give the mothers in your life a gift as unique as they are, consider original art.  We have colorful and unique options for all budgets and interests.

Pictured:  Hand-painted scarves by Pat Brown, Tagua Nut jewelry by Veronica Martens, found object “Odd Birds” by Mary Kolar, wine glasses by Kingston Glass, blown glass ink pen and pen holder (Delish Glass and Weston Glass), “Travel Series” acrylic on wood by Dineen Serpia, perfume bottles by James Wilbat, and skipping stones (glass) by David Royce.

What is a studio sale?

It’s the artist version of spring cleaning.  In the case of our upcoming studio sale of Dorothy Northern’s exquisite jewelry, it’s a rare opportunity to acquire aDorothy Northern Studio Sale Feb 3-15 one of a kind piece of jewelry at a significant savings.

It is very, very seldom we offer any art work below collector value.  Thus, the rare opportunity. Dorothy wanted to make room in her studio for new gems and designs.  To make that happen, she gathered up the remaining pieces of her 2016 collection and brought them to us.  Then, she headed west to scout for gems for her 2017 collection. While she is away, you have a chance to save up to 25% and treat yourself to a delightful gift.

Sale starts Friday and goes until February 15 (hint – Valentine’s Day options).  Please note the selection is limited. Hurry!

Spin a marble

If the holidays have you spinning, take control and spin a marble.

Colorful blown glass marbles by Little River Hot Glass spin safely in their own dish.  Yes, they are a bit hypothesizing.  $125

“When I’m looking for unique gifts…”

It was great to hear this about the shops along Broad Avenue.  While wrapping presents for customers today, they shared this is were they always come to find Christmas gifts.  They felt the boutiques along Broad Avenue had the best shopping in the city.  Thank you!giftunder50

When I need something pretty and unique, I come see you.

This is our favorite quote of the week (thus far). A long-time client dropped in today to find a gift option to give as a very special thank you. It meant a lot to hear her say, I knew you would have just the right thing.

Thai One Bowl  Amber

Thai One Bowl Amber

“I love that you have art glass from $14 to $6000.” – Joe from Boston

Thanks, Joe.  Wednesday, Joe and several of his colleagues were visiting from out of town and came to check out Broad Avenue.

Gift idea for teachers and work colleagues. Pen holders by Weston Glass $21.

Gift idea for teachers and work colleagues. Pen holders by Weston Glass $21.

We really appreciate that you noticed we offer art work for all budgets.  The works we exhibit are selected based on both uniqueness and value.  Especially this time of year, we know you are searching for options that are different and will make the recipient feel special.

Pictured are blown glass pen holders by Weston Glass, and they will add a pop of color and functionality to any desk.  Also, check out the blown glass ball point pens by Delish Glass.

See you soon.