Spin a marble

If the holidays have you spinning, take control and spin a marble.

Colorful blown glass marbles by Little River Hot Glass spin safely in their own dish.  Yes, they are a bit hypothesizing.  $125

“When I’m looking for unique gifts…”

It was great to hear this about the shops along Broad Avenue.  While wrapping presents for customers today, they shared this is were they always come to find Christmas gifts.  They felt the boutiques along Broad Avenue had the best shopping in the city.  Thank you!giftunder50

When I need something pretty and unique, I come see you.

This is our favorite quote of the week (thus far). A long-time client dropped in today to find a gift option to give as a very special thank you. It meant a lot to hear her say, I knew you would have just the right thing.

Thai One Bowl  Amber

Thai One Bowl Amber

“I love that you have art glass from $14 to $6000.” – Joe from Boston

Thanks, Joe.  Wednesday, Joe and several of his colleagues were visiting from out of town and came to check out Broad Avenue.

Gift idea for teachers and work colleagues. Pen holders by Weston Glass $21.

Gift idea for teachers and work colleagues. Pen holders by Weston Glass $21.

We really appreciate that you noticed we offer art work for all budgets.  The works we exhibit are selected based on both uniqueness and value.  Especially this time of year, we know you are searching for options that are different and will make the recipient feel special.

Pictured are blown glass pen holders by Weston Glass, and they will add a pop of color and functionality to any desk.  Also, check out the blown glass ball point pens by Delish Glass.

See you soon.



“This is the happiest place in Memphis.”

Tom, Argus and I consider this the ultimate compliment.  During Friday night’s Broad Avenue Fall Art Walk, we heard this several times.  Thank you.

Once you visit our gallery, you will quickly realize we like color and having fun.  Our gallery is inviting and we want you to feel welcome.  Whether you are visiting to “just look,” purchase a statement piece of art or gift, or discuss framing something you treasure, we appreciate you coming to Broad Avenue and our gallery.

We will soon celebrate our eighth anniversary on Broad Avenue.  Please come say hello to Argus, enjoy the art and stroll Broad Avenue.  – Pat t-clifton-art-gallery-features-art-glass-and-argus-_-mem-_-pat-brown