Custom Framing Tips

The past few months have changed our behaviors.  Staying safe during COVID19 peaks kept us home and cooking more.  As we emerge, are there areas of you home you now want to refresh?

  1. Missing your loved ones?  Let’s create a gallery wall of family photos and other key treasures.  Get your photos off your phone and on your walls!
  2. Working from home or at home more?  Let’s update and refresh your walls!
  3. Cooking more?  Let’s frame recipes and other fun kitchen treats. 

Tom chatted with WKNO FM’s Kacky Walton to discuss custom framing tips related to these three behavior changes.  Want to know more, click on the link below.  Audio clip is about 20 minutes.  

Want to know more about how T Clifton Art approaches custom framing?  Click here