Ed & Kate Coleman

Ceramics (Asheville, North Carolina)

Ed and Kate Coleman have been working ceramic artists for two decades. Graduating from Ball State University in 1998 and both receiving degrees in art, they launched their careers together. They reside in the mountains of North Carolina near Asheville with their daughter Irish. They enjoy being members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and have found a community of crafters, artists, and families to share their life and passion with. They have endured many aspects of a studio artist’s journey, showing at many festivals and working jointly with galleries, museum shops, and boutiques across the country and internationally. They enjoy this lifestyle and are constantly being inspired by nature, pop culture, family, and everyday life. Their works can be seen in many fine craft galleries and select fine art festivals.

“Our work is a collaboration between two artists – separate people with ideas that merge. We believe that life is more beautiful and more livable when surrounded by things made by hand. Our work is created for those who search for this quality in fine craft objects. We share this connection with those who own our work.”