Kathleen Murphy-Willer

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Kathleen Murphy-Willer makes semi-abstracted landscape paintings with acrylic paint, oil, and pencil on canvas. Accumulating layers of texture, color, and abundant detail reveal a secondary experience when seen up close. Each piece is the result of hours of layers and techniques that have evolved with her as an artist over the past 26 years. People are constantly intrigued by the originality of her work, yet feel a sort of familiarity in its sophisticated naivety.
As for the origin of the little drawings and scribbles inherent in her work, all she knows is that they have to be there. She believes she was born making little drawings. She was the kid who got in trouble for drawing on the desk in school and on the walls at home. She has been accruing visual images and colors in her head for as far back as she can remember.
She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee. She has shown in hundreds of fine art fairs around the country while also working with galleries, dealers, and designers. Her work is collected by numerous private collectors and business corporations on five continents.