Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein

Last week fiber artist Joan Edelstein visited with Kacky Walton on WKNOFM.  The link to her interview is below.  The interview is approximately 13 minutes.  

Joan creates one-of-a-kind, limited production designs utilizing both contemporary and repurposed fabrics. Each scarf and wrap is surrounded by hand-dyed silk. Most of her pieces are created using upcycled fabrics, trims, vintage pieces and fiber. Many of her creations are eco-friendly and beautiful in its design. Her unique designs are found in galleries, museum stores, and high-end boutiques nationwide.

Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein Artist Statement:
I have devised a process which involves anywhere from seven to twelve steps (depending on the piece.) It includes the laying and mitering of the silk border and foundation:(in some cases), the printing of certain thematic fabrics; the layering of both contemporary and vintage fabrics and fibers; sewing, finishing and pressing each piece. Some of my pieces are tried & true patterns. For many, though the overall patterns and designs may appear similar, the placement and use of fabrics and fibers will differ so that each piece becomes a unique, one of a kind work of art to wear or display.

FAQs about Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein’s Scarves:

Q: How fragile are the scarves? The thread looks like it would break easily.
A: The thread I use is very strong and I’ve never had a scarf come back because of tearing. In fact, I’ve never had a scarf or wrap come back. (Note: Just don’t let your cat play with it.)

Q: How do I clean my scarf if it gets dirty?
A: Just hand wash in cold water using mild soap. Roll wet scarf into a towel to get the water out. Press damp scarf with iron on “silk” setting. Press straight down trying to avoid ironing side-to-side.

Q: How long does it take to receive a typical order?
A: Usually 2-4 weeks. Every scarf is made to order.

Listen to the interview, then come see her scarves!  BTW – great gift idea!
Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein is one of a kind! 

T Clifton Gallery & Framing
2571 Broad Ave.
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 323-2787

Hours:  Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 11AM to 3PM 
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Private appointments welcomed! 
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Fiber Artist Joan Edelstein
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