Jigsaw Puzzle Framing

A lot of us have spent time working on jigsaw puzzles lately.  Did you know you can keep them around by framing them! 
Tips to keep in mind if you want to frame your puzzles:
1. Place a layer of wax or parchment paper underneath your puzzle before you begin. It’s easier to slide the puzzle onto a different surface if you do this first. Also, this is key when you get to step #4.
2. Complete your puzzle.
3. Brush any lint or dust off the puzzle. Check that the puzzle is flat. Maybe go over it with a rolling pin to ensure all the pieces are secured.
4. Cover the top of the puzzle with a craft glue (Mod Podge is great). Use enough glue to cover the front, but not so much glue that the puzzle pieces become saturated. Be sure to brush all the way to the edges. Gluing the puzzle keeps all those little pieces in place when you transport it to us to frame.
Let it dry overnight. If edges curl up, simply flip it over. They will relax.
5. Bring us the puzzle or we can pick it up. What type of frame do you want to use on your puzzle?
Other fun puzzle ideas – create a family photo collage, have it printed as a puzzle (Shutterfly and other photo printers do this), enjoy putting it together, and then let’s frame it.  Custom framing puzzles have endless opportunities for fun! 
Want to know more about our custom framing, click here>

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